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"Help me do it by myself"...


Children absorb information from the world in which they live through a sensorial exploration of their environment.

They are on a quest of knowledge and independence. 

At Willow House we love exploring Science & Cultures. We love Baking, Arts and Crafts.

Below is some information on specific areas of the Montessori classroom curriculum.

Practical Life
  • These activities in daily living help the children become independent in the environment, in personal care and in social skills. 

  • Many of the activities are familiar to the children at home and therefore bridge the gap between home and school. 

  • They help to develop  independence and an ability to concentrate.

  • They give a sense of enjoyment and achievement.

Math & Numercy
  • Children are introduced to the numbers 1-10

  • They are introduced to the decimal system and the operations in mathematics. 

  • Through use of concrete materials such as the Spindle Boxes above, the children are involved in activities that guide them in mathematical concepts. 

  • Working with concrete materials the children are led to abstract thinking.

  • These materials develop and refine the senses. 

  • Exploration and discovery of the sensorial materials help the children to learn about the qualities of things in the world around them. 

  • Qualities of colour, size, shape, texture and sound.

  • They give an introduction to and indirectly prepare the children for math materials

Language & Literacy
  • Language development is fostered through continuous encouragement of self-expression and communication. 

  • The emphasis initially is on vocabulary enrichment.

  • The phonetic alphabet sounds are learned individually by sight and touch

  • and are then combined to make words

  •  leading to writing and total reading. 

  • Irish and other languages are introduced because of the young child's particular sensitivity to language.

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